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Blueberry Blue, Flamingo Pink, Firefly Glow

Loop & Launch (Bundle)

Durable, lightweight, and designed for ease of use, the original Loop & Launch is the perfect way to exercise your dog without the wear and tear on your wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Unlike others on the market, our launcher allows for precision ball placement with any throwing style, be it overhand, underhand, or sidearm. The proprietary launcher hook and ball loop allow for hands-free pickup, ensuring your hands remain slobber-free.  The Launcher is designed for both single as well as multiple simultaneous ball launches.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marie Falkenberg
Love this Product!

My dog loves to play with these balls, even indoors.

Easy of hoomans shoulder

After a serious rotator injury, 1 surgery, PT and a second outpatient procedure… This is surprisingly gentler on the rotator cuff to throw VS the other ball throw toy

Emma Bouthillette
Love at First Launch

I recently discovered my younger corgi loves fetch, so when I saw this product at a local makers market, I couldn’t resist. Already love it more than other ball launchers and I think my pup even likes the ball better! Already telling all my friends.

Michelle McNeil-Brown
Great Fun for Everynne!

Or dog really enjoys laying fetch. Well, actually, just chase. She loves running after the ball but doesn't care about bringing it back. This dog toy s a great back saver for all the thrown balls that we have to pick up!

Chucking my Chuck-it!

My Golden Doodle lives for fetch and we recently tried the loop and launch and loved it. I like how the ball hangs off my coatrack attached to the launcher, so we can head right out the door ready for action. My Dog likes bring it back holding the rope as well as the ball and can usually entertain herself with it as well. I like how I can easily launch the ball from any angle and also do things like I would with a golf ball in terms of juggling and tossing it up to myself before the next launch. We look forward to loading up on more balls to launch and taking this to the beach and other areas to play!